T-Shirt Giveaway!

3 Jun

I’m still working out the kinks in my new endeavor: Bipolar Beauty Queen Designs…so whilst I’m trying to beautify the store and create more things to add to the shop…I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway.

I’m giving away any T-shirt (Men or Women) up to $30. All you have to do to win is leave a comment…and flattery will get you everywhere. Just kidding. (No, I’m not)

Winner will be chosen by random.org. Winner will be announced Monday, June 7th at 11pm EST

Good Luck!




What I’m Listening To

2 Jun

Got to hear Cameron Rafati live at the Casual Blogger’s Conference last Friday. I’m hooked. I’m sure you will be too:

What I Learned This Week Vol 2

2 Jun

Funny, how going away without the family for six days does something to the love and adoration that has spiked since your departure. I’ve learned it is okay to leave the kids and husband for a few days. They will survive and absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I’ve learned that the pilots for Delta Airlines have now began to refer to turbulence as ‘rough air’ as if that is somehow going to make me think we’re not shaking as a prelude to the plane crashing. (Really, rough air? Why not bumpy air? )

I’ve learned I really do well  sitting in first class on a plane.

I also learned I look really great in first class as well.

I’ve learned that there is no limit to what a thirteen and six year old will find to fight about. Today, it is about chewing gum paper. I’M. NOT. KIDDING. Chewing gum paper.

Holy Schmoly Pap Smear! She Was One Too!

30 May

I’m at a table with a group of bloggers. We are trying to talk, but there is a concert going on in the room and the music is loud. We are literally screaming at one another. Tired of screaming, I find myself  zoning out, mainly because I can’t hear and also I’ve ran out of things to talk about.

I know, right? Me…running out of things to talk about? Crazy, isn’t it? But it does happen.

I feel a tug on my arm and a squeal. It’s Lizzie. “JAIME! YOU MUST MEET THIS WOMAN!” I turn around and there is this tiny woman who looks at me and says shouts: “I’m Jessica. I hear we’re alike. Are you Jewish too?”

“No, she’s not Jewish,” says shouts Lizzie, “But you have a lot of common! Tell her Jaime!”

What do you say with that kind of intro? Before I can say anything, the woman, named Jessica says, “Sleep with random men back in the day? This is not apppropriate with Mormon ladies, but bear with me-  I was telling someone a story and I used the example of ‘You know how you feel when you’ve had the one night stand and the next day you were like why did I do that? And she’s all, No, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about that.’ I’m thinking Wow. Tough crowd.’ ”

We bust out laughing and Lizzie- God Bless Her, says “Jaime too! She wrote a book about it. Tell her Jaime.”

Not sure what to say shout. So I say, shout ” HEY, Yeah, Fellow Blogger, Stranger, I was a slut too! Nice to meet you!”

Yes, we  former sluts, must stick together. I’m totally thinking of creating T-shirts that say, “Former Slut With a Nice Butt” or “Whore No More.”

I think I will sell a lot. Maybe even throw in a “Team Jaime Kay” t-shirt just for kicks.

Just A Drop In

29 May

I have so much to blog about regarding the Casual Bloggers Conference! I’m sitting here with a thousand business cards of fellow bloggers and vendors, but I don’t have the energy to even try to blog about my favorites. Eating and talking and networking and keeping the appearance of a beauty queen is quite exhausting. (I’m not kidding.)

Lizzie and I have to be back in Sandy for the conference by 8am and we’re in Park City-which is about a forty minute drive which means we have to get up at 6am and be on the road by 7.

Yeah. Early.

The positive: we’re having SO. MUCH. FUN. I have learned so much from this conference…I can’t wait to share it all with you…

But my gorgeous readers, it will all have to wait. This beauty queen needs her beauty sleep so I will leave you with these fantastic pictures of our time here in Utah and Girls Nite (last night) with the Casual Bloggers Conference.


Hello Utah! I’m HERE!

27 May

First, let me tell you: Utah Rocks. Hardcore.

If only for this reason alone:

Family Dollar. I screamed when I saw the big red sign. I scared Lizzie-who was driving by the way- and I learned that squealing your excitement into the driver’s ear-especially if it is about Family Dollar is not a good way to start off a vacation. But PEOPLE! It’s FAMILY DOLLAR! (Equipped with a sign that had been decorated with someone’s feces or chocolate. I didn’t check.)

And hey remember these? We sure don’t have these in Alaska:

Where Dreams Are Made

You have no idea how close I was to popping fifty cents into the machine and going for a ride. SOOOOO CLOSE.

I have to make this post short…I have limited Internet here. So I’ll leave you with this:

After this picture was taken-I ran and hugged a tree.

Jump Around, Jump, Jump, Jump Around

25 May

With Laura, Richelle and Baby Fox at Arctic Playgroundz

Today, I went to a reunion of sorts. Contestants from this year’s Mrs. Alaska America Pageant, including Mrs. Alaska 2009 Erika Bennett, and Mrs. Alaska 2010 Tracy Zadra, all met in a coffee shop. Most of the contestants brought their children. So let me think…between the fifteen of us there were in total… about twenty kids.

In a coffee shop.

Before you start twitching and wringing your hands in absolute pain thinking we took our kids to a Starbucks or a corner shop where sad college students sit in their black clothes writing on their blogs about the killings of baby kittens and how they hate their parents… this particular coffee shop called Arctic Playgroundz has a play area in which moms can bring their kids and actually have a conversation and  sip their coffee in peace.

I’ve never seen or been in anything like it before. I am hooked. I will be bringing my daycare kids there at least twice a week while I catch up with a friend or two (Okay fifteen) and perhaps write on here whilst the kids jump around as if they too were loaded on caffeine.

Arctic Playgroundz is located at 2807 Arctic Blvd.