Parenting Philosophies Volume 1

22 May

Every Saturday, there will be an post regarding Parenting Philosophies. Today’s post is written by Alice Hanscam, owner of Denali Parent Coaching, LLC.


It has been quite a journey that has brought me to become a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. I think back to when I was 19 and was on the airplane back to college following a summer of caring for one-year old David. I pulled out the card his mother had written and read how grateful she was for being given a summer to find her “sea legs” as a parent; how much growth she experienced by taking on a temporary job and ultimately finding the emotional space to return to being a stay-at-home mom come September; how I had given her an opportunity to become empowered as a mother. Her trust in me, her faith that I provided David with a summer of compassionate care filled with rich experiences and plenty of hugs, was the foundation I took with me as I moved forward in my life seeking ways to empower parents.

My journey included many opportunities to influence parents in positive ways—as a child care provider, parent educator, preschool teacher, volunteer, stay-at-home mom, and more. My passion for supporting the optimal growth of children—emotionally, mentally, and physically—has never waned. Our world needs our future generations to be at their best and currently there is so much that is a part of our lives that gets in the way. Our culture encourages us to go full speed ahead at all times; screens bombard us with less than favorable messages and images; technology keeps adding more layers of things to do and things that can be done; parents are pressured to hurry their children up so they can be smarter, better, faster, stronger. What do I see as a result? Families that are over whelmed; children with increasing difficulties when it comes to successful learning; care of our inner selves put aside for “later;” social skills—friendship development, negotiation skills, acceptance of others—deteriorating. So much is getting in the way of nurturing healthy, positive relationships and growing children who reach their highest potential. It seems to me that we all could use help in regaining our balance—literally and figuratively. Coaching can help.

I discovered the Parent Coaching Institute the spring of 2007 and very soon realized where my past 25 years had been leading me. I have found my calling.  I am a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and I have the honor of working alongside parents supporting and guiding them as they regain (or gain!) their “sea legs” as parents. I am incredibly awed and grateful to be part of a parent’s journey as they become empowered, confident, and joyful in their parenting and in their selves—truly reaching “new heights in parenting.” It seems I have come full circle back to the summer I was 19.  I have David and his mom to thank.

My business, Denali Parent Coaching, LLC, grew from my desire for parents to “reach new heights” (Denali representing our beautiful mountain here in Alaska). Any parent who feels overwhelmed, stressed, concerned, at a loss, wanting to be their best can benefit from coaching.  Parents come with specific issues—children having difficulty in school, sleep issues, tantrums, teen age challenges; and parents come with general desires—“I know I could do better,” “I want to stop screaming,” “my spouse and I parent so differently,” etc. You can expect to be heard, understood, and asked questions that may surprise you; you can expect to create a foundation for change based on your strengths, what is working well, and what your dreams are for the future. Perhaps most importantly, you will have a caring, committed, non judgmental partner as you work together to discover what you’d like to see happening in your family and how you will create it. Come discover “new heights” in your parenting and in your life—I look forward to it; our children and our world deserve it.

Alice Hanscam, owner of Denali Parent Coaching, LLC

Alice Hanscam is owner of Denali Parent Coaching, LLC, a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, and ScreamFree Certified Trainer. Contact her for more information at 907-868-6933,, or


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