LOST: What They Died For

21 May

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the episode airing May 18, don’t read this!!!

Over on my old blog,  (The now closed ChaseNKids) I would write my reviews and theories of each episode of LOST. Now we’re down to one more episode FOREVER, so I felt as if I had to write about it before the series ends FOREVER. Thanks to HULU, I was able to watch the last two episodes back to back…and while I actually enjoyed the “Across the Sea” episode, I’m only going to talk about “What They Died For”.

We were rewarded with more answers in “What They Died For” episode than we’ve had in the last six years combined. There’s so much to dish when it comes to this episode I can’t type fast enough. This may be a bit jumbled, and you may have already read enough about the episode since I am writing about two days later…but nevermind all that… I’ll just jump right in.


Jack and his son woke up to a sweet scene of happy family togetherness, and Jack was surprised to find himself injured, presumably from the sub scene in his other reality.  (I’m not enjoying the alternate reality, although it is comforting to see ones we thought were good and dead ALIVE in this ‘other’ reality. Still wondering how this will be explained…)We have the promise of a recital that Jack and his son will be attending with Jack’s ex-wife which we haven’t seen, which when and if we do…my money is on it being Juliet.

Desmond. Wow. This alternate-reality Desmond is a real stinker. (Yes, I just said stinker.) It looked like he was going to run over Locke again but after he’s done beating up on Ben…which C’mon…it’s broad daylight on a school parking lot and NO ONE SEES ANYTHING? Really, now? But anyway, we are told Desmond is there to help Locke “let go.” As Ben is getting the tar beat out of him, Ben sees a flash of memory from the Island timeline.

When Miles, Ben, and Richard approached the Dharma village, Miles hears dead voices, which we learned came from Alex.

Richard Alpert

Ben and Widmore have a less-than-happy reunion, with Widmore telling Ben that he came to The Island after Jacob visited him.There hasn’t been anything to shown that Jacob visited Widmore, so I’m thinking he was lying. The Black Monster swoops in and throws Richard (I’m in love with Richard…it’s his eyes. ::swoon::) into some trees which gives the impression that he could be dead…but this is LOST and I think my lovely Richard is still alive. . Ben rats out Widmore, pointing Flocke to the hiding place. Zoe and Widmore are killed…Flocke slashes Zoe’s throat and Ben shoots Widmore…but wait a second. Is this it? Are we done with Widmore? It can’t be, there has been so many storylines woven together with this Widmore character. The most powerful statement of this scene is when Ben says,  “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.”

On the other side of the island, we have the spirit of Jacob tell Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer the reasons why they were chosen and we get a lot of answers…

  • Jacob appeared to have chosen multiple Losties so that they would have the choice he never had.


  • Jacob revealed that they were all plucked from lives that were unhappy and lonely: “You were looking for something you couldn’t find out there.” We still don’t know why, specifically, this exact group of people was chosen. Was Jacob summoning all those crash survivors, or was he only summoning the candidates, with all the other Losties being collateral damage?
  • Kate’s name from the list was stricken because she “became a mother” which shows Jacob’s respect and continuous love for his mother. (The one that raised him.)
  • Jack accepts the job with a dramatic taking of the cup.


Let’s not forget our sideways reality. Desmond turned himself in to Sawyer and Miles, landing in a jail cell with Sayid and Kate. He somehow arranged for their escape (with the help of Hurley’s money), with a cameo with Ana Lucia. (It was interesting to note that she’s one of the few Losties whose sideways existence is strikingly similar to her pre-crash existence). Desmond reveals that they’re all going to a concert. This must surely be the same concert where Daniel Farraday is performing, at Miles’ dad’s museum. I bet Jack’s son is performing there too. I’m looking forward to the look we’ll see on Eloise Hawking Widmore’s face when they all show up…talk about your party crashers.

Also notable in the sideways reality was our glimpse at the non-crazy Rousseau. Was she actually flirting with Benjamin Linus? EWW.

Favorite Quotes from this episode:


Miles (to Ben): “I lived in these houses thirty years before you did–otherwise known as last week.”

Ben (to Richard): “Care to join me outside while I wait for the inevitable?”

Ben (to Flocke): “Can I get you a glass of lemonade?”

Ben (to Flocke, regarding Zoe): “She’s armed, but I’m guessing that’s not a problem for you.”

Sawyer (to Kate, regarding Jack): “I thought that guy had a God complex before.”

This feels like the place where I should make some big predictions for Sunday night, but I find myself unable to do so. I think we’re entering the finale with a fairly strong sense of answers to the largest mysteries, though there are a few things I’m hoping we’ll see:

  • We mostly understand the significance of the candidates, but how do some of these secondary characters (Ben, Desmond, Widmore, Richard, to name a few) figure in?
  • How much do Widmore and Eloise know? How do they fit in with the two storylines?
  • How will our Lost characters merge their alternate reality into their Island reality? Will they continue living two lives? Will they get to choose? Will some of them (Jin and Sun, I hope) stay sideways, while others (certainly Jack) live on The Island?

Anyone care to make any predictions about how the series will end?


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